The Reputation Builder Book

Effective Techniques to Build and Improve your Reputation & Rule your Industry – A Strategy Based Approach

The reputation Builder Book

The Book

Ever wondered what people say about you or your business? Or how do they respond to your brand?Have you ever been wearied, thinking a lot about your reputation? Has it been good, bad or neutral?

With the Internet being the answer to all questions, having a good reputation on the Internet too has become all the more important. Many businesses have failed to understand this, and they have always been ignorant of their reputation. Some have no reputation that is worse than having a bad reputation, because having no reputation means they are non-existent.

In The Reputation Builder book, Satish Kota explains to you the reputation life cycle and how any business (individual, small or a corporate) could build and manage it with ease.

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Enlighten yourselves about

  • What is reputation and why is it very important in today’s context
  • The different elements of reputation life cycle and how to handle each of them.
  • The most common problems that you encounter while building your reputation.
  • How to build a good reputation and be the best in your industry.
  • Understand the Internet and how having a presence can increase your reputation.
  • How to Improve your reputation practices and increase them multi-fold.
  • How to Analyze your currrent reputation and manage them well.
  • How to Neutralize negative reputation
  • Make use of your reputation to create and enhance your brand.

This Book Teaches You

  • Simple Techniques on how to evaluate your current reputation and build or improve them.
  • Tools that you can use to analyze and manage your reputation.
  • Reputation Stories of people and business and what has been done to handle them or what you have to be aware of
  • Reputation Quotes of famous people
  • The life cycle of a reputation manager.
  • Use of external help and how they can add value in building your reputation.

About the Author

For over 15 years, Satish Kota has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from his training in Technology, Internet and Business Intelligence. His focus on building and enhancing the quality of business solutions for his clients has always been at the forefront of his work.

After obtaining his degree in Engineering and multiple diplomas in Applied Information Technology and Business Processes, he began his career by providing solutions to businesses in developing effective analytical and technological intelligence processes that give a boost to businesses. Soon, he discovered that the use of technology could be used not only to build a solution, but also to build a brand and reputation for businesses.

Satish Kota holds the strong belief that Technology, Internet and the Social Media can be used to teach businesses to create a reputation that could build their brand and market their products. He works with many businesses in evaluating their reputations and builds or improves them so that their businesses grow from their reputation.

He often refers to his favorite personal quote of “A sale is not a sale, even when it is sold. A sale is a successful sale if there is another sale from that sale.”, which talks about how to have a better customer service and grow more from word of mouth than spend lots of money on generating leads that may not sell much.

Satish Kota

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Reputation & Charity

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