Good Reputation always precede you

The world knows that Mahatma Gandhi started his non-violence and satyagraha movement in South Africa. He fought against various policies and acts of the British Empire in South Africa. His agitations gained him so much reputation that when he moved back to India he became  a leading Indian Nationalist. When he returned, he received the same respect that Gopal Krishna Ghokle, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Lala Lajpath Rai were enjoying. He got all the support from other leaders, which helped him to take control and transform the freedom struggle against the British.

Moral of the Story: If you do well or think good, then you will be known before you are met. That makes the other person think that you are trustable and dependable. If you are into selling, then a good reputation will accelerate the process of the sale.

A sale requires 3 elements for why a person should do the business with you. The first one is getting found i.e. people need to know that you exists and you sell what they need. The second one is that they have to trust you that you do well. In this world of mistrust, deceiving, scamsters, etc., trust has become a big part of a sale. The third one is that the cost should match their budget. By having a good reputation, you have handled the first 2 elements before they even have met you, you are found and trust is already created because people know you and talk about you. All you will have to do is to give a good pricing. Again, even if you are little costly against the others in the industry, customers are ready to accept it as you have a good reputation.