"Listen more and Talk less that should be your business mantra" Satish Kota

Narration: Listening is an art, not everyone can do that, most of them listen to answer, but not to understand. As a part of your business, you should listen to your customers. Listen to understand their need, their problems, what actually they want. Only when you listen clearly, you will be able to deliver better. If you are a good listener, then people will respect you and they will open up well with you.

Listening is also to understand how much impact your offerings have made on your customer’s lives. Have they been happy about it? Collecting feedbacks and providing customer services is also a good form of listening. Listen to their problems, what they face because of the product. See if you can do anything about it. Listening helps you to relate and improve your reputation.

Talking is the job of the marketing team, listing is the job of your Customer Service team. Listing is a very tough job, Train your customer service team for effective listening.