The Impact of Review & Rating websites on your business reputation

Review and Ratings websites allow users to give reviews about an individual, business, product, service and a variety of things. People (Users or Guests) are allowed to share their experiences and judge on various criteria. These websites are generally called aggregator websites as they aggregate information about businesses via the voice of the customers. TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc., are best known review websites. Some review websites or blogs are run by professionals, authors, bloggers, experts and critics who evaluate the product or service of the business by executing an activity in person and then writing about the pros and cons of the product or service.

Review websites have user generated content and are generally industry specific. Most of the well-known review websites are in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, education, consumer products, travel & tourism, etc. However many websites act as industry independent. In recent times, even business listing websites double up as reviews and rating websites. Read more