68% of customers leave you if you don’t care for them

Why customers leave a company
Source: Customer Experience Report by Right Now

Study shows that 68% of customers leave if you don’t care for them. Customers look for ever engaging with the business and it plays a role in keeping the customer and generating more business. The key to ensure that your customer know that you care for them is by having a good customer service team.

Customer Service is the one of the most important department for a business when it comes to managing reputation. It is not the marketing team or the production team who have to face unhappy customers; it is the customer service team. Your customer service team has to be trained well to handle customers and their emotions.

The most important trait of any good customer service is patience. Patience is a virtue not everyone is gifted with; your customer service team needs to have lots of it. They should be capable of listening to frustrated, irate, angry, chatty and loud customers. They need to keep calm in the face of frustration and try to figure out their needs. You should give them the impression that you are here to listen and care for their problems. Be attentive and listen to what they have to say. Understand well and communicate clearly to them. They need to keep it simple so as to not confuse your customer. Half of the problems can be solved by picking the right kind of people your customer service team. They should know the art of listening.