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Got a bad reputation? Want to build or improve your reputation and become well known in the industry? Connect with us, we are here to help.

Though as part of Education we present you lots of content in form of videos, articles, whitepapers, quotes, stories, ecosystem, events and the book, not every thing would be possible to explain. Also at various levels problems related to reputation are unique from business to business. It becomes important to evaluate, analyze and conclude the kind of solutions to be applied to safeguard the reputation of the business and improve them. Hence we have come out of 3 different kinds of services to help businesses to manage their reputation. The services are as follows.

Online Reputation Assessment

The aim of this report is to do a necessary amount of research and provide an assessment of current online reputation of your business. The reputation evaluation is done based on a 100+ check points segregated into 10 Evaluation Areas. These Evaluation Areas are important to have one’s presence online. The evaluation is also done based on the report type (Shallow or Deep evaluation) More…



Revbay ( is an Effective Review, Feedback and Testimonials Management System which helps businesses to improve their Reputation. Our integrated Referral Marketing solution helps to reach more customers and get more business. It is a cloud based software that helps you to effectively to implement the process to collect, identify, display and share the reviews and testimonials online. The software can generate more traffic on your website and also help you in converting your prospect customer into your customers or get that enquiry you wish to have.. More…


Reputation Services

Got a bad reputation? Use our services to improve your reputation. We have a great Ecosystem that help you build a better reputation. We shall provide that external support to execute all those activities to build, improve, manage and market your reputation. We shall put processes in placed and provide all necessary technology and handle them on behalf of you. More…