The Role of a Reputation Specialist

Reputation Specialists are the people who ensure that the reputation of the business, its brands, products or services are always favourable in the eye of the public. It is their job to ensure that good reputation is promoted and bad reputation is negated. They have to create goodwill, build relationships and generate awareness in people. They have to keep a vigil on the media and the internet to ensure no untoward activities take place. A reputation specialist generally wears three hats, namely:

1. Builder: Involved in building or improving the reputation of the business
2. Manager: Involved in the analysis and management of business reputation across the media and the internet
3. Marketer: Involved in promoting and marketing the reputation of brand and the business amongst the public

Role of a Reputation Specialist as a reputation builder, reputation manager and reputation marketer

Traditionally the reputation specialist’s job is executed by a Public Relations (PR) Team or the Brand Manager, but in the digital age, it is part of a digital marketer’s or an internet marketer’s job. A Reputation Specialist needs the support of various other people, departments and agencies such as advertising & media companies, CSR firms, customer service teams, marketing, website development, IT, social media, etc., whom they consult for various activities related to building and managing reputation for the business. Though they might not have to execute all activities related to reputation, they definitely need to be knowledgeable about them.

As a Reputation Builder

As a reputation builder, reputation specialists should carry out all the activities necessary to build or improve the reputation of the business. Their first task is to create an image for the business. They should be able to identify the positioning for the business and how to communicate this positioning to the target audience. It is their job to ensure people know more about the business.

As a Reputation Manager

As a reputation manager, the reputation specialist should keep a watch on all activities related to the reputation of the business. They have to analyse and manage the reputation of the business. While doing so, their most important task is to neutralize negative reputation that is created for the business. They should diffuse such situations immediately.

As a Reputation Marketer

As a reputation marketer, reputation specialists should be able to promote the business using its current reputation. They should make use of the reputation built so far to sell more products and services. They should be able to emotionally connect with prospects by use of testimonials and build an enduring belief. Reputation marketers should be able to gain more customers via referral marketing.

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