Is Nestle trying to build back the reputation of the whole business just because of Maggi Fiasco?


Nestle India recently fell into a major fiasco because of dangerous levels of lead and MSG problems in Maggi and that routed them from opportunities. The business had lost lot of faith in the industry that they had to take out and call back all packets of Maggi from indian retail stores. This though has caused a huge loss to the company in terms of revenue, they also had to lose their reputation and the faith that many people had on them. Hash tags like #Maggi, #Maggiban are being voiced over in the internet with lot of voices raising against the product and the company.

In my previous article on Linkedin i had talked about What Maggi (Nestle India) might do to salvage their reputation, where i touch based upon 5 areas namely Public Relations (PR), Advertising, Influencers, Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility which could be used as a tool to salvage and rebuild their reputation.

However after the court ruling that has revoked the maggi ban, Nestle is all ready to come back in full swing. However they have gone one step ahead to build the reputation of not just the brand, but that of the whole business. They have started projecting Nestle as a part of India’s life for 100 years, rather than building Maggi’s reputation. And if you look at the Advertisement, you shall see that Maggi features just as one small product on the extreme right.

Good luck Nestle, hope you rise back.