Reputation influences buyers

Finniservecorp (a financial services company) use testimonials as a promotion tool to influence their buyers. For each of their services, they asked for a Testimonial from a customer who has already utilized their services. In testimonial they got to know about the various emotional elements such as how the customer benefited from their services, how it confirms their claims, information that buyers can connect or relate to and endorses that this service is the best of all. By doing this the company was able to get more business as they could influence their buyers with a connection. It made their customers to think and connect themselves to such elements and hence will be influenced to do business with the company.

Moral of the Story: A good reputation helps in influencing the trusting beliefs and trusting intentions of your business.

People will think high of you and decision making becomes easier for them when they want to purchase a product or service from you. They would also share more information about their needs, follow your advice and ready to do business with you. So, as a business, you should determine the extent to which your reputation influences the trust and get a positive purchase intention.

Disclaimer: All stories are a work of fiction. The names and characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author built to suit the story. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or any business, in existence or not, is purely coincidental.