Reputation gives you a competitive advantage

Apple’s reputation for quality actually helps them a lot in gaining entry to newer markets. It gives them an advantage over others not only in terms of sales, but also it makes their systems a priority for mobile app developers. Apple consistently tops in satisfaction surveys and by which they have had a high customer retention, word of mouth and trust. Most of Apple’s customers agree that apple’s mobile devices do not fail and also if in case it fails, the support is so well organized, that the issues could be resolved in no much time. That’s the reason why apple has a perfect competitive advantage on other mobile devices and other mobile operating systems.

Moral of the Story: If you have a good reputation, no matter what your competitors would offer, they would still prefer you.

A reputation definitely gives you a competitive advantage against your competitor. If at any time a customer has to choose between two brands, two people or two businesses, then they wish to do business with a more reputed business than the other. Even though the reputed business might charge more than the other, customers still prefer doing business with them. This is because psychologically they find a comfort with the reputed business and create a satisfaction that the product or service offered by them would be of a good quality.