Reputation builds Credibility

Querier is a famous designer apparel store for the upmarket customers and their credibility was saved because of their reputation. One day a celebrity purchased a dress from their retail store and wore the dress to a party. At the party while socializing, it was noticed by others that the dress was defective. Unfortunately in the party, the designer of the store too was present. The celebrity seeing the designer, created a ruckus in the party and bad mouthed the designer for having sold a defective piece in front of everyone which hit the credibility of the designer. However since the store always had a good reputation, many in the party did not support the celebrity and the party host decided to sort out the matter and investigate into the matter. After investigation, it was found that the defect in the dress was no mistake of the designer, but it was by the celebrity herself who had torn it accidently while removing the tag and had not noticed it. The celebrity had to apologize and left the party. The designer’s credibility was saved just because she had a good reputation and because of which, none supported the celebrity.

Moral of the Story:
If you have a good reputation, then no matter what rumors or gossips are built against you, it will not sustain.
Establishing credibility leads to creating an enduring impression about your business. It sends a good message about you and your trade. It creates consistency in your offerings and customers see you exactly as they expect you to be.

All stories are a work of fiction. The names and characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author built to suit the story. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or any business, in existence or not, is purely coincidental.