How Apple’s reputation has improved over time

Apple has always been targeted on their credibility of being one of the most reputed companies in the world.

Though they are most reputed companies in terms of employee engagement (one of Top 5 most reputed companies known as a good workplace, as per 2015 Global RepTrak 100 report from the reputation institute), they are often targeted for low paying jobs. But since the experiences they provide to the employees makes them go getters and master achievers. Their products are great.

Apple are also reputed for being most innovative company. But again the company’s credibility has been questioned. Whether it was the iCloud celebrity controversy, or failed releases of iPhone or iPad versions, the company has been targeted by media and Wall Street multiple times over the course of it life.

Apple always makes a comeback and regains its credibility only for one reason. They are trusted by their customers because they have a great reputation for being consistently the best computer and phone manufacturing company.

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