Bad reputation affects your business

Arcpoint Taxi Company’s reputation went so bad that they had to shut shop in many cities. The company got caught in so many controversies that the governments and local bodies had to intervene to resolve them. This company had not only lost its reputation for use of bad ethics against their competitors, but also they were accused of sexism and misogyny. Their internal policies not only affected in poor recruitment of drivers, but also their inability to check the drivers’ conduct misled to drivers being drug abusive and rapists. Also because of their marketing practices to gain monopoly in the industry, it led to price wars and poor services offered to the customers.

Moral of the Story:
The amount of negative effect does any product or service has on their customers is defined on how much bad reputation the business has. Potential Customers might not want to do business with a business having a bad reputation or at least be very careful. It is very important for any person or business to ensure they do not have a bad reputation.

A bad reputation means people do not want to be connected with the person or business. They want to be careful when they want to deal with them and associate with the person, bad reputation might also reduce their own reputation.

Disclaimer: All stories are a work of fiction. The names and characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author built to suit the story. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or any business, in existence or not, is purely coincidental.