A Great Reputation can sell easily

Teethcon was a Toothpaste manufacturing company. They sold generic toothpaste for a particular segment of the market. However what problem they had was that the product did not enjoy a good reputation. They were able to sell only because they were priced low. However with good research they came out with a new toothpaste related to sensitive teeth. But when they introduced the product to the industry, they were unable to invoke much response form the target audience because not many had heard about Teethcon.

Meanwhile another company KidDenta was very well known in the kids segment. They manufactured toothpaste for kids with various styles and tastes. KidDenta was the most suggested toothpaste for children. KidDenta also brought out a new product related to sensitive teeth and their target audience were the same as that of Teethcon. Since people were buying KidDenta products well, when the product was launched, they were able to convince their customers why they should use their product. Since everyone knew KidDenta’s success, they accepted to tryout their product and hence KidDenta’s sensitive toothpaste captured the market better than Teethcon.

Moral of the Story: Having a good brand and reputation means customers will definitely try your product regardless of whether it is good or bad. Since people trust your brand, they will try what your business offer them. Convincing customers become much easier and products sell faster. In the same way, if you do not have a good reputation, even if you have a great product that will definitely help people, it takes a lot of time to sell the product because customers do not know you well.
Disclaimer: All stories are a work of fiction. The names and characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author built to suit the story. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or any business, in existence or not, is purely coincidental.