Reviews– Essential for One’s Growth

1. A written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation.
2. Something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

What are Reviews?

Reviews are effectively good things said about anything, living or non-living, individual or as group. In today’s date, Reviews are essential and important for One’s growth. They help in not only the growth, but also to gain credibility and marketability. Reviews are not just given to people, they can also be given to businesses, entities, systems, products, services, systems, entities, events, shows, programs and anything that can be thought of in the real world.

Reviews when given, indicates that the provider is effectively happy about the receiver. However in some cases provider might not be happy and might not give a positive response in reviews.

Reviews are not just for receivers, they help others too!!!

Though reviews help primarily the receiver, they also help the provider in increasing their credibility. When one gives a review, their credibility increases. Their words are recorded by others, which means, when they start giving multiple reviews, people believe and follow with the person. This makes the person more respected and valued. Also when a review is given, a bond is created between the provider and receiver. This in many cases has elevated for the receiver to get qualified references from the provider and for the provider receiving discounts and support from the receiver. So when a review is given, both providers and receivers are benefited.  Hence don’t run away from giving reviews.

Other than the provider and receiver, reviews help the third person looking at the review to gain confidence about the receiver. They help people to take decisions about the receiver. Reviews are more important in cases where there is a money transaction. It gives confidence and satisfaction for the amount being spent.

Finally as receivers, you shall also be providers or third party to some other receiver, so it is mandatory for you to give Reviews for anything that you have experienced in order to benefit others. Reviews are a complete social thing. If you give reviews, you will get reviews.

How to Give and Get Reviews?

Review requests are generally initiated by the receivers, it can also be initiated by proactive providers. As said earlier, a reviews will help both receivers and providers equally on the long run and they shouldn’t always be mistaken for receiver’s gold alone.

While requesting / giving a review consider the following points.

  1. Request / Give reviews only after the activity has been completed fully. Do not request/give review when you have in the middle of any activity or if only a part / phase is completed.
  2. Be precise in what activity was performed and how you feel.
  3. Consider 5 best points in the activity performed or what you like before you give review.
  4. Give contact details. This is necessary in case any third person wants to verify the review. By this way the review will be more authentic and more reliable.
  5. Give Video reviews where ever possible. A picture is worth 1000 words and a video is worth 1000 pictures.

Can Reviews become a Social thing?

Reviews are a Social thing. A receiver of a review for a particular activity can become a provider for another activity and the same person can become a finder for a third activity. For example, if you are a doctor, it is necessary that you have good reviews from your patients, which increase your credibility, whereas when you and your family want to go out to a dinner, you depend upon reviews given by others for a particular restaurant. Finally as a person you can also give reviews to any process, system, etc., to which you have experienced.

So in short Review are a Social Thing. It helps everyone to grow equally.


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