How to survive a recession?


What is Recession?

Recession is nothing but slowdown in economic activity which means no one spends money and no one wants to spend money. Finally no one buys anything.

The act of recession is so big that businesses suffer to the extent of closing down and / or going bankrupt.  Business during this period; cut down money on marketing and try to survive. So, it becomes very important for businesses to grow within and survive.

How should a business grow within?

The answer is by building trust and references from their existing customers. Always believe in the people, who, you have served in the past and bring them back, make them work for you. It’s always said “A happy customer is your best Advertisement”. Also one of the oldest marketing technique say that “If you have a happy customer, then ask them 3 qualified references”. If you agree to these statements, then why not utilize them to the fullest.

How to do i make my customers work for me?

Reviews are the answer. Get Reviews from your clients, make it count. Get Video Reviews, build the trust. In today’s era of Social Networking, you have too many options to share anything, so why not Reviews. Why not share the Reviews that you receive to all the social networking sites you use. Why not ask you customers to do the same as well. It’s very important for all businesses to share their Reviews where ever possible. It’s only the Reviews that will build the trust among people and give them more confidence to do business with you. So brace yourselves and get Reviews.

How to get Reviews?

Ask your customers a Review when you have delivered them what you promised. Ask them to give you in writing or an email or it will be very great if your customers can give you a Video Review. Once you have Reviews, you could share them anywhere you want. The following are the various ways to get and display Reviews on your social networks (There are many ways but restricted to some)

On Facebook:  Ask your customer to write the Review on your Facebook wall page. By this it will get shared on both your page as well as your customer’s wall. Find out more at

On LinkedIn:  Ask your customer to write a recommendation to you. If you are a business this option might not work correctly as in Linked in, recommendations are written to people, not for businesses. Find out more at

On Twitter: Ask your customer to write a simple quote about you by adding your twitter handle as part of the tweet. Find out more at

On Revbay : Revbay provides you opportunities to display widgets on your websites and plugins on  your Facebook pages. You can ask your customers to give Review right from your websites & facebook pages, other than giving on Revbay Profile. Once a Review is given, you can share the same Review to all your social networking sites and the same can be done by your customer too. In Revbay, you can share your Reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc., all at the same time. For more details about Revbay, visit

Reviews can be used as a base to your growth; don’t just use them to show case only.