"Prevention is better than cure" Desiderius Erasmus

Narration: This may be an oldest quote by people which is used a lot in the field of medicine. However the same holds good in case of your Reputation too. As a person or a business, you must always be aware of what is happening about your reputation and how you can resolve them before they occur.

Every Day businesses become victims to online threats that may affect the business and damage its reputation. These are formed by user generated content by means of articles, messages, comments, reviews, ratings, mentions, etc., on various places such as blogs, forums, community websites, listing and review websites. As a business your job is to identify threats that could affect you. You have to identify who is talking and what is their influence. You have to evaluate the issues as well as the sentiment that is caused due to it. You should analyze how far its reach has been.

Put your reputation process in place such that the issues do not occur. Collect feedbacks to assess the performance, quality, acceptability, value additions that your products and services offer. Make arrangements so that you don’t get into a fire fighting problem. Neutralize threats at the earliest. React quickly and politely. Diffuse any tensions that are created and maintain good relations with your customers.