"Having a GOOD Reputation is very good. Having a BAD Reputation can be avoided. But Having NO reputation is the worst of all" Satish Kota

Narration: Everyone will look towards having a good reputation. It is the best thing that could happen to a person or a company. People go an extra mile to achieve this and they cherish the same. However not everyone could be lucky to have it, There are at times where businesses lose their reputation because of some unavoidable mistakes and that is when the devil of Bad Reputation kicks in. The devil will tend to spoil your reputation and make you go mad. However if you put in processes in place it can be avoided or at least gracefully manage them so that it won’t affect your business to large extent.

Having said about good and bad reputation. There is a third one, which is NO Reputation. . It is like if you are not found or if you don’t have a reputation, then you are non-existent, and you don’t stay in anyone’s subconscious mind and that is creepy. You need to get people know about you. People are very careful about being attached or doing business with someone having no reputation at all. In their mind they think “why is there no reputation about you?”. Is that people are not connected with you or nobody uses your products or services? And why not? There are a lot of scammers, fraudsters and deceivers in the world that people do not have much trust on genuine people as well .