Monitoring the Dark Villains that spoil your Internet Reputation

Reputation management involves handling any mentions, reviews, articles, blogs, etc., created in the media or in the internet. It goes hand-in-hand with analysis and concerns itself more about the regulation of information that could damage the reputation. Once your Reputation Analysis is complete, you should manage your reputation. During analysis you evaluate your reputation, in management you will take actions, either to strengthen the positive aspects or dilute the negative ones. There are many tools and techniques which you can use to manage your reputation. But what is most important is to be vigilant and tackle problems in a timely manner. The more vigilant you are the greater the chances of improving your reputation.

Traits of Reputation Management

All businesses have unique personal traits that they use to build their reputation. These traits define how you portray yourselves in front of your customers, your target audience as well as the general public. How you handle each trait forms others’ opinions of your reputation. These traits are: Read More