India’s global reputation rises by 7.4% after a dip for 3 years

After a 3 year dip in its reputation, India finally managed to turn its reputation into an upward trend with a 7.4% increase in its reputation in 2015. Post 2011, India’s reputation started failing from 51.93 (2012) to 51.0(2013) and then to 49.0 (2014). However in 2015 it bounced to 52.7. This year India has been one of the top 5 gainers in reputation.

The interesting part of the analysis of these reports is that along with raise in the reputation score, India also saw a raise in the reputation ranking. With 25th position in 2012 going down to 29 in 2013 and then to 36th position in 2014, India grew its reputation ranking to close at 33rd position in 2015.  Read more