Canada Crowned As The Most Reputable Country of 2015

According to the Annual Country RepTrak report from Reputation Institute, Canada is crowned once again as the world’s most reputed country at 78.1* reputation score followed by Norway (77.1) and Sweden (76.6). Last year’s winner Switzerland fell 3 positions to a close fourth at a score of 76.4. The 2015 winner Canada had held the top position consecutively in 2011, 2012 and 2013 only to lose to Switzerland in 2014. The Online study of reputation was conducted on 55 countries selected based on their GDP according to IMF. The bottom of the list was occupied by Nigeria at 36.3, Russia at 35.1, Pakistan at 31.5, Iran at 29.8 & Iraq at 22.5. India stands in 33rd position at 52.7. The global mean being at 56.3. Read more