Advertise your Customer’s thoughts to improve Reputation

According to statistics, more than 70% of the people search for the reviews and feedback available online before using the service of any business. Hence a good portrayal is crucial for the success of the business. Advertising or Display is that phase of the C.I.D.E.R process that helps you showcase what your customers think about you. In my previous article I discussed about “4 methods of identifying if your Customer is happy with you”, we discussed about identifying the collated reviews and what to do with them but here we will take a look at what to do to benefit you from them.

Having a negative review on review websites about a service will make the customer to switch to other providers. The only way by which this can be ignored is by showcasing more number of positive reviews. It is the fact that negative comments cannot be removed, but its impact can be dampened with the help of more number of positive reviews. Read More