10 incredible tips to Build Online Reputation for an Indian business

There are over 5.1 Crore SMEs (including Micro and Medium businesses) in india and is one of the largest in the world. Out of these around 1.2 Crore are technology savvy businesses. With raising number of businesses on the internet, India is technologically growing at an enormous rate (Much higher than developed countries like UK and US). In such case, evaluating and building the presence and reputation becomes important else it could easily get lost or even worse, get damaged. Businesses should ascertain to have a high brand reputation and take actions to evaluate, identify the gaps and build / improve them where necessary.

In this post, I would briefly highlight each activity to be executed and keep the online reputation is in good terms. This series is a set of 10 additional posts which shall be linked back to this primary post so that could read them either in all or in parts. The following are the 10 areas of internet where you could evaluate or build your reputation. Read More