What influences on customers to buy

Influence of reputation on customers
Source: ReputationInstitute.com

Research done as part of an article from Reputation Institute shows that 69% of people’s willingness to say something positive about an organization is influenced by their perception of it, and just 31% is based on the company’s products and services

Their latest report on most reputable companies of 2014 (Global RepTrack 100: 2015) identified that over all 60% of people trust the brand than the products. As they mention “Who you are matters more than what you do”. The test was conducted on 10 parameters and tabulated as below.

influence of reputation on products and the company

It may be noted that benefit of doubt to the company stands at highest at 63% where as people are influenced to buy more because of the product at 44%.

Though Reputation is an intangible concept, it is more complex than it looks to be.