Does Reputation influence on buying decisions of customers

does reputation influence on buying decisions of the customer
Source: Bright Local’s Local Consumer review survey

Study states that a customer is ready to buy from a business if the trust is created. They (about 32%) refer to various reviews and reports about the product and service before purchasing. Also the authenticity of them also play a good role in influencing (about 30%).

Having a good reputation not only commands the customers’ trust but also influences buyers. It helps improve the trust in the beliefs and intentions of your business. People think high of you and they do not need to think twice when purchasing a product or service from you. They are also more willing to share more information about their needs, follow your advice and to do business with you. So, as a business, you should determine the extent to which your reputation influences trust and in getting a positive purchase intention.

One way of influencing is by promoting and displaying reviews, testimonials and feedback to the world. Use them as a part of your advertisements, marketing strategies and also display them online. The more you showcase your reviews and testimonials, the more it will influence buyers.

A good reputation also influences the influencers. Influencers are opinion leaders who have the power to affect persons by their way of thinking and decision making. Because your business has a good reputation, the influencers will think more of you and hence the followers of these influencers would eventually become confirmed buyers of your products and services.