What Qualities Makes a Great/Effective Review

Reviews play an enormous role in increasing sales, leads and building trustworthiness for your business. But not all reviews are containing the same. There are some qualities that can make one review is more effective than another, and when you are working hard to collect effective reviews, know which works can make all the difference. When requesting your customers to submit reviews with Revbay, here are 3 key mechanisms you should be sure to refer.


  1. Better Content:

Effective reviews are practical. If a review doesn’t clarify why or how your product or service is valuable, it perhaps won’t do much for your business. Ask customers to be precise when it comes to what they love about your business. If you resolve some kind of problems, ask your consumers to explain their situation and how they become rescue. The Better Review is having the content specific to their situations experienced by customer.

  1. Trustworthiness

One of the most significant mechanisms of an effective review is trustworthiness – no matter how much praise you received or how great of a review was published about you, if the source of that info isn’t trustworthy, no one will trust it. When requesting reviews for your business, encourage customers to give as much information about themselves as possible. Customer & Company names, Designations, and locations are all obliging information that can increase the trustworthiness of your reviews.

  1. Evaluations between competitors

Mainly if your aim is to get scenarios to change over from one of your competitors, reviews that compare your business to competitors in your industry or area of expertise can be highly effective. Request your customers to deliberate why they made the choice to purchase your product or work with you rather than your competitors. If there are detailed complaints or downfalls that your customers had about your competitors, reviews that address them can have irresistible power when it comes to altering more prospects.


With the help of Revbay, collecting quality Text & Video reviews that include each of the above mechanisms takes less time. If you have any queries or need help getting started, feel free to get in touch.