Say NO! to Celebrity Endorsements. Use Thoughtful Ads instead


Celebrity endorsements have become quite common. They are being used for almost all activities, to sell a product or a service. The trend is that if one business uses a celebrity then all other businesses in the same industry tend to use them. Best examples could be derived from industries that cater to Jewellery, Beauty, Fashion, Insurance, and many more. However, how much of these endorsements have created an impact has to be understood

Celebrity endorsements have been and still are the perfect choice for companies where the target group are youngsters. But when it comes to targeting middle aged or senior citizens; do they still hold good? Do you think people are still dumb enough to fall for these endorsements? Or Do the companies and their advertising partners consider people to be still dumb to accept what is sold through celebrities?

Does a Jewellery Advertisement require a Celebrity? Would a customer buy jewellery because a celebrity is endorsing?

Or in an Insurance Advertisement, what is the need for a celebrity to sell insurance? Should I buy the insurance from that company and take risk with my life only because the celebrity is endorsing them. Or should I look for a policy which can cover my dependents.

Advertisements should have a lasting physiological impact on viewers so that they can connect their situation with the advertisement. Today, viewers have become more thoughtful and well-informed. They have the ability to catch your advertisement and identify if it is worthy or it is just celebrity drama. They evaluate many factors before they heed to the message in the advertisements. In all those factors, it is important for companies to create a better trust in the advertisement.

Trust can be built well when advertisements have the message promoted by similar character(s) that suits the target audience. Advertisements should create a connection with the audience so that in their mind they can connect themselves with the character(s) in the advertisement. More importantly viewers should feel that the product or service is built just for them.

Some of the great examples of advertisements where they connect with the audience are

JSW Cements

JSW Cements have released a new set of ads where a middle class Velu (actor) who works for a big Dubai based hotel and wishes to build a house in his native town. This advertisement makes a perfect connection to middle class audience who like to build their houses.

Vasan Eye Care

Vasan Eye Care’s advertisement on LASIK procedures. Connecting a person who finds wearing glasses as a difficulty to fulfil their dreams. Great set of ads and great connection with people who want to move ahead but their confidence breaks down because of the eye wear.


Raymond’s ads are mostly concentrated on being the complete man. Most of their ads are not celebrity oriented. They sell their product by showcasing what kind of a man would buy Raymond’s products

Thai Life

Thai Life (insurance) company believes in good advertisements are a great way to connect people to do good. There is a story in each of their ads and they touch hearts well. That connects well with customers


Most of the Nike’s Ad are thought generating ads. Though they have celebrity ads, they are still thought generating and inspiring. Ads of Nike donot talk about their products, they talk about health, motivation, taking actions, but the actions have always been related to running


The key message in this article is that celebrity ads is not an answer to all industries. Companies can connect better with their audience by means of creating thought generating and heart touching ads and by this way they will remember you in a better way. Kudos to all advertising companies who have built the above ads. They are really worth it.

“Make a difference by doing it differently”