Online Reviews or Online Surveys: Which is the Better System to Collect Customer Feedback?

In today’s internet age when customers can quickly become online critics, we congratulate business owners who know the importance of collecting customer feedback. Definitely, it can be terrifying to think that consumers would have somewhat bad to say about their experiences, but feedback is a great weapon and it will help local business owners to gain a benefit over the competition.

Clearly, feedback comes in many practices, but now we’d like to focus on two ways that you can listen in to what your consumers actually think: Online Reviews and Surveys.

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We know that many business owners prefer surveys, just so they can retain all customer feedback inside. And they steer away from encouraging customers to post online reviews for fear of these reviews being negative. However, customer feedback that’s kept inside may not have the same influence as feedback that’s generated and published online.

Certainly, there are remarkable benefits of having an active online review system in place for helping your happiest customers to post public reviews and ratings of your business on review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook Reviews, among others. And there are online reviews systems like Revbay, which help you, collect reviews from your customers and once the review is received spread them across the web on single click.

Benefits of Online Reviews over Online Surveys:-

Unlike surveys, reviews can actually increase your SEO performance and also consider being more useful for local search. This means that reviews can help people to discover your business more simply whenever they search for information online. By asking your happy customers to openly share their positive experience across online review sites, you’ll be better able to provide reliable and pertinent content for both search engines and potential customers.

More Positive Reviews & High ratings can increase sales. A one-star rating increase can improve your local business’ revenues by 5 to 9 %, According to a Harvard Business School study; don’t miss an opportunity!

Reviews/Testimonials also help you increase trustworthiness. If you are active in managing reviews for your business i.e. responding to reviews, analyzing review posted online, etc., people will see that your business care about customer feedback and keen on providing best services to all customers.

Your prospect Customers trusts user-generated reviews. Internally kept response of customer surveys won’t be seen by anyone, whereas reviews can assist you as effective marketing tools when managed properly. In fact, according to a study by Forrester Research, “Customers trust reviews more than product descriptions, advertisements, and direct marketing messages”.


Receiving feedback in the form of new reviews alleviates the effect of negative reviews. Genuine online reviews tend to navigate in the negative direction, but you can minimize the effect of this by driving your happy customers to share their positive experience online – instead of simply answering surveys.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a tool to help you collect manage and promote your customer reviews online effectively, give Revbay a try. Our platform is designed to serve the needs of business owners in all sectors and industries. Sign up today, It’s Free and discover how customers benefited from Revbay!