Incredible Importance of Online Reputation for Small Businesses

Everything changes with time. Creating and keeping online reputation takes work and it is an ongoing process. Reputation is one of the most important aspects, which helps you to grow your business. Preventing a bad reputation is much easier than cleaning up one.

For start-up business, planning is required to use the online platform that will reach the market and benefits them. When we want to learn more about some business, the first place we turn is the Internet and Google is the top search engine to do so. Every day, over one billion or more businesses are searched on Google. Ultimately, it’s a responsibility to ensure that you make a good impression when someone Google you.


According to statistics:

  • 79% trust online reviews than personal recommendation.
  • 73% say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.
  • 77% of them just read the first six reviews before making any decision.

“A star increase in rating leads to 5-9% increase in revenue and a bad review on reduce 13% on sale“.

Having a good digital footprint for small business is absolutely essential in modern age of technology. A Digital footprint paints a picture which says who you are and directs the customers towards you. This is what we call Online Reputation.

Buyers post reviews about the services, products and experiences not only on your website but also on social networking platforms like on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.  Between online directories and social media, they can let everyone know what they have experienced. Even the slightest hint of negative online review is enough to drive away your prospect buyers. Once it is online it is impossible to scrub away and the data will follow you around for life. Thus online reputation management is important.

Basically online reputation is process of management of controlling what shows up when someone search with your name. The only possible way to improve revenue is to showcase all the positive content on the top of the search results and push down the unwanted content which includes negative reviews and competition which ensures that search result populated by relevant reviews about your business.


“Where do you hide a dead body? Answer: On the third page of Google results.” By Lori Randall Stradtman, because nobody looks there. Thus online reputation is important for every firm.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a tool to help you manage and improve your online reputation effectively, give Revbay a try

Revbay is a product which helps you to:

  • Manage online reputation.
  • Keep an eye on online reviews.
  • Selection of reviews you want to display.
  • Build a strong consumer base.
  • Request a testimonials from your existing clients and,
  • Share reviews on a single click to different social networking site.


Revbay provide you a platform to improve your online reputation by collecting instant reviews by using tab/mobile application even without net. You can upload those on all over the web. The basic feature we use along with this is referral marketing by publishing the good reviews not only on your social networks but also to the customer’s social network which will ultimately help you to grab more number of customers. This can be done on a single click.

By using Revbay  you can keep the track of all the reviews. It’s all in your hand. It’s a complete package SIMPLE, EASY and don’t forget USEFUL.