How Important are Online customer Reviews for Real Estate Businesses?

Customers have always trusted on the views of other customers to help make their purchasing decisions, but where they find those thoughts has migrated online over the last decade. Gradually, customers are searching online to discover Best service providers, the good products or most reputable businesses.

This enquiry, of course, includes reading customer reviews from all types of sources, including their business website, review sites (like Google +, Just Dial, and other large online gateways dedicated to the Real Estate business. Today, 85 percent of customers use online reviews to assess local businesses according to study.

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Online Reviews and Testimonials are a vital part of the decision-making process for your prospective consumers. If you don’t have any reviews online, you may be missing out on these opportunities completely. As a real estate professional, you just can’t afford not to have customer reviews online. The positive thoughts of your customers have the power to attract some more new customers to your business.

A recent study by Google showed that Real Estate-related searches on online have grown by 253% over the past 4 years, it shows how important it is for real estate professionals to have strong online existence.

As online reviews are affecting who win and loses in real estate, it is always better to have positive reviews on your website. Setting up a Testimonials page specifically to showcase all testimonials that you received from your customer on your website can increase your prospect buyer’s trust in you.

More Online Reviews/Testimonials = More Trust, Business grows by Trust



Managing online reviews can often be hard.  So if you don’t have the platform to manage it on your own, consider Revbay to handle your online customer reviews & Testimonials. Just remember that you literally cannot afford to ignore online reviews on this internet age.