Benefits of online customer reviews/testimonials for your business

While customer reviews are the most effective social media approach for driving sales, it is one of the least utilized social media channel by marketers. A lot of businesses are initially worried about putting product reviews up for the products or services that they are marketing.

Today’s customers want to make any decisions, and they research and read what others say about your products/services on the Internet before they make a purchase online or offline. Register with Revbay to influence your customers to express their opinions on local businesses.

Benefits of Customer reviews:

In case you are one of those businessmen, here are benefits that you should consider. Perhaps these will be enough to change your mind about customer reviews.

  1. Free advertising

Each review/testimonials posted online by a customer is a form of advertising for your business. Your business name and product are exposed to readers, increasing their awareness of who you are and what you do.

  1. Online reviews are a great SEO boost for business.

Online traders and business will understand the essential for target keywords that help consumers find their brand and site amongst many competitors. Well, product reviews are actual customer accounts that will probably use these target keywords again and again. The result is a SEO-richer site, and one that has the possibility of being ranked higher by search engines such as Google.

  1. More confidence in your Business/product

If you truthfully believe that you have a good product, one that can profit your consumers, one that you have taken time and skill to develop, then there is really no reason why you should be scared of putting up reviews. This confidence in your Business/product will soon become apparent to your customers, and they too, will feel self-assured in buying whatever it is that you are vending.

  1. Reviews are a powerful tool in a customer’s shopping experience

Recent surveys say that about 80% of customers now refer to product reviews before purchasing a product. Almost no one sightlessly purchase things anymore. A product review is an exceptional way to give your potential customer balanced information about a product he may be interested in buying.

  1. Negative reviews can help businesses figure out their customers’ tastes and preferences.

This is benefit of negative product reviews that many industries fail to see. Less than stellar feedback can actually be used as guides in order to figure out what the regular customer is like and more importantly, what he likes. Let’s say a product gains so many negative reviews because it is hard to collect. That should be a clue for the business to create simpler products in the future. They end up developing a more superiority product that the customer is more likely to purchase, and the customer ends up being happy, and leaving a positive review! Everybody wins!

  1. A closer relationship with customers

Like many other social media websites, online review websites give you the chance to develop a closer relationship with your customers. You’re likely to get to read reviews from a range of customers, many of whom might not otherwise tell you their opinions of your business. You can also reply to both positive and negative reviews, demonstrating that you’re interested in what customers have to say.

Customer reviews/testimonials have always had the potential to influence other people’s approaches towards a business/product. In the past, these reviews were interconnected mostly by word of mouth.

But the internet has given customer reviews mass involvement. Millions of customers now post reviews of goods and services on websites, blogs and other social media. And millions of people read them. Research shows that positive online reviews increase the probability of customers using your business, while negative reviews reduce it.

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Reviews/Testimonials can convert visitors into customers as long as you use them the accurate way. Don’t just copy what your competition is doing or base your choices off of what I am telling you. Try things out for yourself!